Tuesday, January 5, 2016

United Kingdom: Talk on Geothermal Energy in Cornwall

Aspects of deep geothermal energy development in Cornwall (Cornish Institute of Engineers)

10th March, Chapel Lecture Theatre, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9EZ, United Kingdom

Tony Bennett, EGS Energy will give an update on Deep Geothermal Energy in Cornwall

Geothermal energy has been a much talked about subject in Cornwall with two projects, one at the Eden Project and the other at United Downs, now have planning consent to proceed into development stage.

The opportunity is there to demonstrate the commercial viability of this important source of renewable energy and to prove the range of environmental, social and economic benefits that it can produce for the county.

The development of this technology involves a wide range of disciplines, including drilling deep wells in hard rock, characterizing hydro-geological conditions, creating an efficient heat transfer reservoir and constructing a heat and power plant, each of which has its own unique challenges.

This talk aims to discuss some of the main issues that are involved in the development of deep geothermal, with specific reference to the scheme at the Eden Project.

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