Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Canada: Vision for Geothermal Powered Greenhouses Across Southern Alberta

Geothermal greenhouse technology coming to Southern Alberta (Pincher Creek Echo)

Ag Spectra Ltd. presented their ideas for a greener future a couple of weeks ago. Lonnie Mesick is at the helm of Ag Spectra Whole Earth Science and Technology, a company with a vision for a unique type of greenhouse operation called Starfield Centre that utilizes geothermal technologies to produce locally grown produce to serve the communities it’s grown in.

Mesick hopes to see around 70 Starfield Centres across Southern Alberta, but the first one — the flagship — is being built in Magrath, otherwise known as the Garden City.

“The majority of our heat will come from geothermal, which is a low grade geothermal all over Southern Alberta, about 40 to 50 Celsius, and that’s much more than we need,” Mesick explained, “Greenhouses — we keep them around 23 C.”

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