Thursday, December 17, 2015

USA, California: San Diego Aims for 100% Renewable Energy by 2035

San Diego Adopts Ambitious Plan To Battle Climate Change (Huffington Post)

The city is aiming to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. The city is less than 100 miles from the rich geothermal resources around the Salton Sea.

San Diego's city council unanimously voted Tuesday to adopt a plan to power the city entirely with renewable energy by 2035, joining cities like San Francisco, Paris and Vancouver, Canada, in setting ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next several decades. The cities population is over 1,400,000.

Spearheaded by Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who took office last year, San Diego's Climate Action Plan puts the city on track to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. The city is the largest in the U.S. to adopt a 100 percent renewable energy plan. The blueprint also goes beyond California's statewide goal of 50 percent clean energy in the next 15 years.