Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tanzania: Well-head Generation at Lake Ngozi Geothermal Field by 2018

Cashing in on geothermal power generation as better energy source (Daily News)

Tanzania has for a number of periods been facing inadequate power generation due to a number of reasons. The government has taken various remedial actions to avert load shedding, some of which are very costly and have adversely affected the environment.

To avoid these recurrences, the government decided to diversify generation sources to include solar, wind, renewable energies including geothermal. As part of government efforts to end frequent power deficiencies, the ministry of Energy and Minerals established the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Limited (TGDC) which came to operation early in July 2014.

The establishment of TGDC with the vision of becoming the most leading and competitive regional geothermal development company, aims to have installed well head generation at lake Ngozi-geothermal field in the third year of its existence by 2018 and to have developed steam sufficient to generate 200 MW by 2020.

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