Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Italy: Enel Boasts New Record for Daily Geothermal Production

Enel Green Power says goodbye to 2015 with three records, 7 new plants online and a lot of innovation (News Release)

Exceptional numbers for 2015, including the all-time record for daily geothermal production in Tuscany: 16.9 GWh

EGP’s geothermal power in Italy reached the all-time daily production record on 16 December of 16.9 GWh, with fully operating turbines. This record that confirms a ‘tradition’ established in Enel Green Power’s Tuscan geothermal operations, which normally welcome the new year by delivering the unprecedented numbers of the previous one. As in 2014, when EGP’s geothermal power heralded in 2015 with a production record - which was then annual – of 5,548 GWh. And now the tradition is repeated once more for the beginning of 2016.

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