Friday, December 11, 2015

Canada: GRC Member Updates on 5 MW Estevan Geothermal Power Project

Deep Earth Energy Corp. moves closer to its objective (Estevan Mercury)

GRC member Kirsten Marcia
GRC member Kirsten Marcia looks forward to the day when the Deep Earth Energy Corp. will open a geothermal demonstration project in Estevan, which would be the first geothermal power producing facility of its kind in Canada.

Marcia, speaking with the Mercury last week, said they are currently raising capital so they can move into the next phase, which is their bankable feasibility study. It’s an $8 million component of the project that requires a strategic partner.

“It includes the drilling of a very deep 3,000-meter production well and approximately a 1,000-meter injection well,” she said. “It takes it to the stage where, for this first plant, it shouldn’t require any more equity to get the plant up and running.

“The idea is once we’re bankable, then continued federal funding can support this project, along with conventional bank debt. So this next phase is so important as far as proving this project works, getting it to the finish line, generating revenue and producing power.”

Marcia, who is a former Estevan resident, revealed plans several years ago to have a five-megawatt geothermal demonstration project constructed south of Estevan near the Boundary Dam Power Station. It would be the first project of its kind in the country.

While it would generate about five megawatts, the size of each plant can be ramped up based on the number of wells drilled.

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