Tuesday, November 17, 2015

USA, California: Repairs to Geothermal Power Plants Damaged by Wildfire Gets State Support

Governor Issues Executive Order to Speed Repairs at The Geysers

California Governor Jerry Brown has called on the state Energy Commission to expedite repairs to power plants affected by recent wildfires. The largest of which is the Geysers Geothermal Power Generation Facility that was damaged during the Valley Fire in Lake and Sonoma counties.

"The Energy Commission shall expedite the processing of all applications or petitions for amendments to power plant certifications issued by the Energy Commission for the purpose of remediating any wildfire damage and to restore power plant operation by authorizing emergency construction activities including demolition, alteration, replacement, repair or reconstruction necessary for power plant operation.

Title 20, section 1769 of the California Code of Regulations is hereby waived for any such petition, and the Executive Director of the Energy Commission shall approve such petitions as he deems necessary. The Energy Commission shall give timely notice to all relevant local, regional, and state agencies of any petition subject to this directive, and shall post on its website any such petition."

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