Thursday, November 19, 2015

Philippines: 750 MW of Geothermal Energy in the Pipeline

RE projects lined up to provide over 12,000 MW (Manila Times)

The Philippines has more than 600 renewable energy projects for development in the pipeline, with potential capacity of over 12,000 MW including 750 MW of geothermal energy, data culled from the Department of Energy showed.

The DOE data, however, did not include when these projects would be completed or commissioned, neither which companies would be doing the projects.

The DOE documents showed that as of October 31, a total of 616 renewable energy projects have been approved and awarded by the agency including 43 geothermal projects with a capacity of 750 MW.

Aside from these, the DOE said there are still 272 renewable energy projects that are waiting to be awarded including two geothermal.