Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Japan: Advice on Supporting Development of Geothermal Industry

What companies across the globe can Learn from Japan’s geothermal growth (Renewable Energy Magazine)

Geothermal energy is expanding as a sustainable power source, but the growing industry is still not without its barriers, even amongst the top geothermal producing countries. One such country, Japan, has grown its geothermal energy production to 520 MW, making it the world’s third largest producer.

However, with many projects either conceptualized or underway, various barriers that cause public opposition are still slowing down the country’s geothermal momentum. Companies across the globe can help to secure this industry growth by building public support right from the time of project announcement.

Achieving project approvals without costly delays requires geothermal companies to learn from the trailblazers about the importance of promoting proposals to gain community support.