Monday, November 23, 2015

India: Paper Outlines Geothermal Energy Exploration in Gujarat

Geothermal exploration in Gujarat: case study from Dholera (Geothermal Energy)

Results suggest that Dholera is a promising site from geothermal point of view

Utilization of Geothermal resources is an alternate, sustainable energy, which needs to be harnessed in India. Exploration of the resource is the first step to understand potential leads and prospects in the subsurface.

An attempt has been made to understand the subsurface picture using geoscientific data, for example, Gravity survey, Landsat imagery, magnetotelluric (MT) survey and water chemistry.

Dholera, Gujarat is a potential site for geothermal exploration and exploitation, which is the chosen study area. Dholera also falls under proposed Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited (DMICDC), making it a suitable candidate for setting up geothermal power plant in future.

The energy potential of prospects identified in Dholera through the above-mentioned studies may help industries in creating geothermal power plant and utilization of energy in space heating & district heating/cooling. Dholera is located 30 km away in southwest direction from Dhandhuka village of Ahmedabad district and 60 km away in north direction from city of Bhavnagar.

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