Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Columbia: Enel Opens Traveling Geothermal Energy Exhibition

EGP geothermals on show (News Release)

November 9th witnessed the opening of the exhibition 'Geothermals, the Italian energy from from the earth's core', a journey via photos and videos through Enel Green Power (EGP)'s experience in the geothermal field. The exhibition, held at the Javeriana Pontifical University in Bogota, Columbia, is one of the initiatives of the Year of Italy in Latin America promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Enel Green Power exhibition is based on three pillars: 'seeing, knowing, learning', and aims to both raise awareness of geothermal energy and bring people into contact with the renewable and clean energy source from an early age. In Colombia, despite the country's great potential in this field, geothermal energy, which is generated by the Earth's heat, is not widely known. The exhibition will also be held in Mexico and Peru, supplemented with other activities, notably seminars, workshops and internships in Italy for students. The exhibition will be available to the public from 10 to 21 November.

Inauguración exhibición interactiva "Geotermia, la energía italiana desde el corazón del Planeta"

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