Wednesday, October 21, 2015

USA, New Mexico: Geothermal Company CEO Argues for an "All of the Above" Energy Policy

PNM offers good deal on power plant (Albuquerque Journal)

By Nick Goodman / Chairman and CEO, Cyrq Energy

As the head of a geothermal power company, I have often weighed the right approach the power-producing industry must take to be responsible energy partners. Some have advocated that we close down all coal-powered plants immediately, regardless of damage to the economy and lost jobs. I advocate a different approach.

History has proven over and over again that a diversified portfolio of different energy sources is critical to maintaining stability. This new balance of renewables, gas, nuclear and, yes, coal is clearly diversified and will protect against changes in the future that might otherwise hurt New Mexico economically.

In addition, to be good responsible partners, we must consider the impact on both the economy in general and on people in particular.

To close down all four coal-fired units at once might cut carbon emissions further than what has been proposed, but the economic cost in human terms – the job loss of our fellow citizens – would be devastating. We should advocate a phased-in, responsible approach that balances the need for jobs and the impact of carbon reduction.

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