Monday, October 26, 2015

Portugal: Exergy to Build 4 MW Geothermal Energy Plant on Azores Island

Exergy Signs Contract With Eda Renováveis For 4 MW Geothermal Plant In The Azores (News Release)

Italian company EXERGY recently signed a contract with EDA Renováveis for the construction of a 4 MW geothermal binary plant in the Azores, Portugal. The client, EDA Renováveis, is the renewable energy segment of EDA (Energy do Azores), the utility company of the Azores. The plant will be built on Terceira island in an area called Chambre-Pico Alto.

The scope of the contract is to realize a turnkey solution for the construction of the Pico Alto geothermal power plant utilizing the geothermal resource available from the existing wells in the most efficient way. The design and manufacturing of the ORC plant and the engineering, procurement and construction phases will be carried out by EXERGY together with CME, a well-established international EPC company with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal.

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