Friday, October 2, 2015

France: Minister Continues to Support Geothermal Energy

Four draft laws to promote geothermal energy (parisdelavenir)

French ecology minister, Ségolène Royal
The French ecology minister, Ségolène Royal, has put forward new mechanisms that will aim to support and further the development of the geothermal sector. Geothermal energy exploits calories (heat energy) trapped in the earth and uses them as energy or to generate electricity.

The minister has spent the last year speaking and debating with key players in the sector and these proposals are part of her commitment to implement the energy reform before the end of the year.

They will aim to expand the use of renewable energy originating from both geothermal sources and biomethane, which is released from landfill sites and water treatment plants. Another lever to help fulfil the objectives of the energy transition bill and increase renewable energy’s proportion of global consumption to 32% by 2030.