Monday, October 12, 2015

Caribbean: Sir Richard Branson Promotes Renewable Energy for Islands

Transitioning island energy for a better future (Virgin)

By Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

As residents of the Caribbean, my family have experienced first-hand the impact that climate change has on this planet. Living on Necker Island we are often subjected to powerful hurricanes and tropical storms.

This wonderful region is bearing the brunt of climate change – facing sea-level rises, increasing temperatures and extreme weather – and yet it has been powerless prepare itself for a sustainable future. High electricity prices contribute to poverty and national debts, and prevent widespread investment in the modern infrastructure to kick start development.

There’s tragic irony in this, however, because as the postcards show, the sun-drenched and wind-swept islands are the perfect settings in which to harvest renewable energy. Solar and wind represents a huge opportunity in sustainable development, and the Caribbean is ideally placed to demonstrate and scale innovative, clean energy solutions.

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