Friday, October 16, 2015

Canada: First Geothermal Power Plant Aims for 2018 Start

Is geothermal power ready to make its debut in Canada? (The Vancouver Sun)

In all, some 24 countries worldwide have tapped geothermal power — energy produced from the natural heat of the earth — to run their homes and power their economies.

Canada, however, is not among them. Despite enormous potential buried beneath our feet, we have yet to power up our first plant.

Borealis GeoPower, a Calgary-based geothermal development firm, hopes to change that. It's developing of a 15 MW hydrothermal plant at Canoe Reach, near Valemount in southeastern B.C. With plans to bring the plant online and begin selling power to BC Hydro in 2018, it could become the first commercial geothermal power facility in Canada.

In addition to Canoe Reach, Borealis is pursuing another 15 MW geothermal power plant at Lakelse Lake near Terrace, B.C., in partnership with LL Geothermal.

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