Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Indonesia: Siemens to Supply Swithgear for 3 Generators at Sarulla Geothermal Project

Siemens wins switchgear deal for Indonesia geothermal plant (Power Engineering International)

Siemens has won an order from Hyundai Engineering and Construction for the delivery of three generator switchgear for what will be the largest geothermal plant in Indonesia.

The power plant is currently being built in the Tapanuli Utara district in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. The operator is Sarulla Operations, a consortium comprising several companies based in the US and Japan.

As general contractor, Seoul-based Hyundai Engineering and Construction expects to complete the plant by 2018, when it is expected to generate 351 MW of electricity annually.

In power plants, generator switchgear provide for reliable synchronization and for maximum operating reliability. The first of the switchgear manufactured in Germany was delivered this month and the other two will follow in June next year.

The type HB3-80 switchgear each have an output of 100 megavolt amperes (MVA), a voltage of 12 kilovolts (kV), and a rated current of 5,000 amperes (A).

The HB3-80 is single-phase encapsulated and Siemens says that, depending on the power plant type and operating voltage, it is suitable for power units up to 160 MW or 250 MW.

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