Friday, September 18, 2015

GRC Annual Meeting: Another GRC Fieldtrip to Geothermal Wonders

GRC Fieldtrip - Long Valley Geology

Friday-Sunday, September 18-20

Led by Gene Suemnicht and Duncan Foley 

Casa Diablo geothermal power plants 
Leaving this morning, a trip to the Long Valley caldera and the eastern Sierra. The field trip will highlight the volcanic history of Long Valley , the evolution of the caldera’s geothermal system and the 40-megawatt (MW) Casa Diablo geothermal power plants operated by ORMAT Inc.

The tour will follow the Walker Lane on eastern side of the Sierra Nevada passing Steamboat Springs and thermal areas at Bridgeport and Fales Hot Springs.

We will see spectacular overviews of the caldera, the Sierran crest from the summit of Mammoth Mountain, the White Mountains and the Owens Valley.

Field Trip stops will include new production wells in the western caldera moat, surface manifestations at Hot Creek in the central caldera, and the ultradeep DOE magma drilling project site within the caldera’s resurgent dome.

The return trip to Reno will include stops within the Inyo Domes, Bishop Tuff outcrops, the Mono Craters and the legendary ghost town of Bodie.

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