Thursday, September 17, 2015

Climate Change: Famous Naturalist Calls for Huge Investment in Renewable Energy

David Attenborough backs huge Apollo-style clean energy research plan (The Guardian)

Naturalist says 10-year public research and development programme, that would emulate race to put men on the moon, could halt climate change

An Apollo-style research program to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels has won the backing of Sir David Attenborough, who says this alone would be enough to halt climate change.

The renowned naturalist joins a group of eminent scientists, business executives and politicians backing a 10-year public research and development plan to cut the costs of clean energy and deliver affordable technologies to store and transport solar and wind power.

In a letter to the Guardian, the group argue that the approach, mirroring the intense Apollo program that put men on the moon, “will not only pay for itself but provide economic benefits to the nations of the world”.