Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chile: Government Wants 70% Renewable Energy by 2050

Chile sets 70% non-conventional renewable energy target for 2050 (Fox News Latino)

Chile's government says that as part of its push for a low-emission and cost-competitive energy future it has set a goal of lifting non-conventional renewables' share of the country's energy matrix to 70 percent by 2050.

That target, which would represent a 58-percentage-point gain with respect to the current level, was announced Tuesday, a day after President Michelle Bachelet pledged before the U.N. General Assembly that Chile would reduce carbon-dioxide emissions between now and 2030 by 30 percent if it receives international support.

The government is proposing that non-conventional renewable sources account for at least 70 percent of Chile's energy matrix in 2050, a plan in which solar and wind energy will be the focus, complimented by new small hydroelectric projects as well as biomass, geothermal energy and marine energy.

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