Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chile: Deadline for EOI in Chile Geothermal Project is Next Week

Deadline is September 21

Request For Expression of Interest For Selection # 1193738 Assignment Title Technical Assistance For Geothermal Development In Chile Publication Date 04-Sep-2015 Expression Of Interest Deadline 21-Sep-2015 At 11:59:59 Pm (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The Government of Chile (GoC) is intensifying its efforts to address critical challenges of the Country in the Power Sector. In this context, the GoC recognizes that it is important to develop geothermal as a viable alternative energy option to meet both the countrys NCRE targets and its long-term development needs. Since most renewables are intermittent, supplying stable base load power is key and the GoCs Energy Agenda already includes reforms specific to promoting geothermal development.

A catalytic effort to kick-start the sector could lead to a more robust outcome over time, exploiting the country's significant geothermal potential. In order to achieve such an outcome, it will be essential to successfully implement the proposed GoC reform agenda for geothermal as well as to address other key barriers to sector development. To this end, the GoC has sought international assistance from its development partners. The GoC has secured US$ 53 million from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), which is being channeled through the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to advance geothermal development in the country. 

The GoC is seeking to benefit from the World Banks extensive global experience in supporting geothermal development to help Chile implement a complementary set of market and regulatory reforms in parallel that would progressively address the key barriers to sector development, in order to progressively enhance market conditions to support the sustainable development of geothermal in the longer-term.