Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Australia: Government Signals a Turn Towards Renewable Energy

Australian Environmental Minister Continues To Publicly Support Renewable Energy (CleanTechnica)

Australia’s Environmental Minister
Greg Hunt
Australia’s Environmental Minister Greg Hunt has continued to publicly support renewable energy technologies in the wake of the recent shift in leadership.

Speaking on ABC radio on Tuesday morning, Mr Hunt (mostly) confirmed that the Liberal Party, under the new leadership of Malcolm Turnbull, its new leader and subsequently Australia’s new Prime Minister, will be supporting the renewable energy sector and opening up support for emerging technologies.

In an interview with radio host Fran Kelly, Mr Hunt explained that, along with the Prime Minister and newly elevated Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, he is “deliberately and consciously saying to the [renewable energy] sector — there is a major role for innovation and you should have confidence.”

Specifically, Mr Hunt said that the CEFC should “have focus on things such as solar, geothermal — and if there are emerging components in relation to wind, such as new turbines or offshore wind, that might be an appropriate way”

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